Automotive Electricals

  • Anodes: Used in electroplating processes for automotive electrical components, enhancing corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Fluxes: Facilitate the proper wetting of soldering of electrical connections in automotive systems, ensuring strong and reliable joints.
  • Solders: Enable the assembly of wiring harness, connectors, and control circuits in automotive electrical systems, ensuring robust connections.
  • Cleaners: Essential for maintaining the cleanliness of PCBs after soldering and repair processes.
  • Solder Paste with the latest technology Improve efficiency and precision in SMT lines during soldering tasks, enhancing the overall quality of automotive electrical products.
  • Soldering Accessories – Specialty Chemicals & Cleaners are available for stencil, and SMT cleaning applications.

Hiflo offers top-quality anodes, fluxes, solders, cleaners, paste and soldering accessories, ensuring the highest standards in automotive electrical manufacturing.

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