Nex Gen Smart Wire

Nex Gen Smart Wire

These solder wires are based on halogen free technology. They are more friendly to the operators and the environment.

The fluxes used in the core are specially designed for lower emissions and improved solder joints.

Gloflo Solder Wire

The latest alloy technology solder wire incorporating special alloy elements to improve the soldering performance.

The advantages envisaged are

  • Automated Soldering
  • Clean Joints
  • Consistent Soldering
  • Improved Wettability
  • Eco Friendly
  • Enhances Productivity

Tip Booster

Tip booster

Tip booster is the new alloy developed with enhanced soldering and reduces tip wear.

Reducing solder tip wear issues leads to many advantages in the soldering operation.

  • Extended Tip Life
  • Fastest Melting
  • Less Spattering
  • Glowing Finish
  • Enhanced Soldering
  • Smooth Connections