Electronic Manufacturing Services

electronic assemblies in a wave soldering machine
  • Hi- Performance Bars: Designed to reduction of dross in electronic manufacturing, enhancing component longevity.
  • Redox: Is an Antioxidant Additive, Dross reducing Elements forms a barrier on the surface and reduce the oxidation of the solder.
  • Fluxes: Facilitate efficient soldering in various electronic assemblies, reducing defects and rework.
  • Solders: Ensure strong and reliable connections in electronic manufacturing applications, from PCBs to modules.
  • Cleaners: Essential for maintaining cleanliness in the manufacturing process, reducing contamination-related issues.
  • Soldering Accessories: Enhance soldering precision and productivity in electronic manufacturing.

Hiflo’s high-quality anodes, fluxes, solders, cleaners, and soldering accessories optimize electronic manufacturing processes.

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