Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The HIFLO QC team performs their standard tests agreed as per customer specification after the R & D team has built the product. They work on the PFMEA & PPAP before producing the product to understand the errors and bugs before the company makes the product available to customers. This is communicated to the production team during the manufacture of the product and monitored. The QA team works along with the R & D throughout the development process, making sure each aspect of the product is on track to deliver a high-quality customer experience.

Hiflo Quality Assurance - customer experience
Hiflo Quality Assurance Technical Services

Technical Services

ROHS Testing & Analysis: We provide thorough testing and analysis to verify compliance with ROHS standards, ensuring eco-friendly product offerings.

Solder Impurity Testing and Analysis: Our advanced testing methods enable precise identification and elimination of solder impurities, enhancing overall product reliability.

Halogen & Halide Testing: With expertise in halogen and halide testing, we help our customers meet environmental requirements effectively.

Dross Control & Reclamation: Our solutions for dross control and reclamation reduces carbon footprint and enhance soldering efficiency.

Metal Recovery: Through our metal recovery services, we aim to minimize waste and promote sustainable practices.

E-waste Reclamation: We actively support e-waste reclamation efforts, contributing to a greener and more responsible electronic manufacturing industry. For more information www.hiflogreen.com