PCB Cleaners

PCB Cleaners


Hiflo offers a range of high-quality electronic cleaners designed specifically for cleaning PCBs. PCB cleaning is essential to remove residues, soils, and fluxes that can contaminate printed circuit boards during manufacturing and assembly. Our cleaners are formulated to effectively remove contaminants without damaging delicate electronic components or compromising PCB integrity. We prioritize safety, efficiency, and eco-friendliness in our cleaning solutions.

Hiflo electronic cleaners - FLUX CAN

Hiflo’s electronic cleaners come in various types, each carefully designed for specific cleaning purposes and applications. Whether you need to clean flux residues, oils, or other soils, our cleaners are up to the task. For equipment-assisted PCB cleaning, we offer spray-type systems that efficiently distribute a carefully formulated mix of cleaning chemistry to remove specific soils effectively. Additionally, we provide solvent-based cleaners that can be used in full concentration to tackle tough contaminants, providing excellent results with minimal effort.

Our electronic cleaners are engineered to ensure your PCBs are pristine, promoting optimal electrical performance and reliability. By using our cleaners, you can enhance the functionality and lifespan of your electronic products, minimizing the risk of failure and costly rework.